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The main focus of this site right now is to keep friends up to date on my Long Ez build as well as provide photos and lessons learned while building and doing other projects in order to help others with similar projects. I have found a lot of useful information and gotten a lot of questions answered by simply viewing other sites and photos, and hope you find the same here.

I am failing at my attempt to maintain an organization to this site that will make it easy to find what viewers are looking for. Mostly because I haven’t stopped building for long enough to create a bunch of links.

The most up to date projects and information that you will find is in the Chronology section. It is where I put my daily workshop posts. I plan to make these posts and information available and organized via chapters, but until I do, you can search for specific categories or tags. That will return all related posts to the subject.

Long Ez – my airplane build
Workshop – my workshop build and tools
WIRSP – “We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming” miscellaneous projects from the workshop
Irregardless – complete randomness unrelated to any of the above
Chronology – A blog from the workshop, that is to say chronological. Started November of 2012.


About The name… It comes from a pun a co-worker of mine made up, and posted on my facebook wall. I spend, what others deem, an inordinate amount of time in the garage both during my workshop construction, and working on other projects. So he combined the word garage and my last name, and I am now referred to by some as Garaggio. If ya can’t beat em, join em.

I am starting this website 5 plus years into my Long Ez build, and it will take a bit for me to get the past 5 years onto this website. Check back often as I hope to keep adding to this page and to keep it as up to date as possible, time permitting.

Joe Coraggio


Projects from the workshop of Joe Coraggio

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